Shut-off valves

Our shut-off valves are designed primarily for incorporation in pump suction pipes and in the basic version have an SAE mounting face with connecting dimensions complying with SAE-Norm J518 - 3000 psi.

The key feature: Thanks to clamping bolts inside the SAE mounting face the shut-off valve simply remains mounted to the closing end after releasing of the pipe or the flexible pipe connector.

The inner calibre of the shut-off valve is increased in size by the amount of the cross-section of the disc and switching shaft, so that the free cross section equates to the nominal diameter. Disc and switching shaft are designed to prevent the oil flow swirling. A lock bar that automatically engages

in all switch positions ensures arresting in all switch positions. The lock bar latches into the undetachably secured switch disk, so that the shut-off valve is arrested even without a shift lever.

Various additional flanges and parts permit direct fixing to an oil tank (T-flange) or incorporation in a pipe (threaded bush). Thanks to the lateral recesses (Ø 0) the shut-off valve can be fitted between flanges. Alternatively heavy (long) suction pipes can be held with additional screws. The shut-off valves can be equipped with an end switch that is actuated by the undetachably fixed switch disk.